July 14, 2015

Natural Body Products: Sam Wish Deodorant

(Photo property of Sam Wish)

When I first began my adventure into all-natural living, I was very worried about deodorant. Moisturizers and hair-care etc. seem incredibly straight-forward when compared to the task of dealing with under-arm funkiness! Especially when it comes to all of the expectations we place on deodorant: long lasting, invisible, smooth, nice smelling... It's no wonder the big-brand ones are packed with nasty chemicals to try and meet these expectations. But with the idea floating around that aluminum is linked with an increased risk of Alzheimers/dementia, I physically cannot bring myself to knowingly put it on my body, ever again.

It has been very tough to find a deodorant that actually worked - I think I have gone through 5 unsuccessful ones before this! My last one wasn't so bad, but I had to reapply and ended up keeping it in my purse at all times. It was also a liquid roll-on deodorant, so it would be pretty uncomfortable to put on unless I did so a while before putting on a shirt.

I've been a supporter of Sam Wish long before she even dove into body products - she used to be all about the thrifty clothes (a lady after my own heart!). One thing I really love about Sam's products is the way that ingredients and their respective information are listed on her site. It's always really nice to have a proper understanding of what I'm putting on my body. I was eager to try out her deodorant when my last one ran out. I'm SO glad that I did.

The Sam Wish deodorant  is all natural, handmade, organic, AND functional! I ordered the smaller sample size (pictured above) and really wish I had bought a big one - I love it so much! But Sam Wish is located in Texas, so it costs a lot in shipping for me all the way here in Canada. Sadface. I wish I could drop by the various shows and markets Sam does - I highly recommend you do if you're ever in the same area as them!

The only downside to this deodorant I've noticed is when I wear a white tshirt, it seems to leave some yellow in the armpits. I know that sweat does this on its own, but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't all happen at once like this! That being said, I don't wear much white, so it's not that big of an issue ;)

What all-natural/aluminum free deodorants do you use? I would love any recommendation you have!


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