July 5, 2015

My 5 Go-To Resources for Inspiration!

One of my favourite parts of the internet and blogging community is the plethora of available inspiration and resources. There is an endless amount of inspiring content, really, but sometimes it's good to have something to fall back on in case you're having trouble finding something on any particular day. I think this is especially important for those of us figuring out our own paths in life, especially if it's a creative path!

Here are my top 5 go-to's for those days where I need an extra push forward!

1) Be Your Own Muse
"Be Your Own Muse is a community of creators, entrepreneurs, change-makers and world-shakers." Using a Q&A format, the two editors of this inspiring blog, Kinsey and Sarah, speak with their selection of fabulous 'Muses' to find out more about what they do and what makes them tick! There are some great stories and thoughts on there that I found resonated with me and made me want to kick myself in gear.

2) Jenny Purr's "Make it Happen" Podcasts
Jen has some fantastic (fairly) new podcasts on her blog, aimed towards entrepreneurs and bloggers with big dreams. They are really fun to listen to - I've never had much luck getting into podcasts, but I have really enjoyed putting these on and listening to them as I edit photos for work or paint for fun. Topics range from Successful Blogging for your Creative Business to Authentically Building Trust Online.  Give it a listen!

3) The What's Underneath Project by Stylelikeu
The What's Underneath Project is a really cool series of interview videos with individuals who strip down - physically and emotionally- and share their journeys with us. There is so much fantastic content about identity, figuring things out, embracing yourself, and personal style. It's got some really touching points and they frequently release little bits on their instagram account, which I follow and love!

4) Rad Girl Rad Gig by Kaelah Bee
Though not too frequent, this series on Kaelah's blog is a really fun one to read through. The posts are fascinating little insights into the unique jobs/careers/hobbies of some rad ladies - as the title suggests! It's so fun to see what kinds of jobs are out there that you've maybe never even heard of.

5) Cocorrina's The Freelance Life series
Last but not least, Corina's fabulous Freelance Life series! Sometimes more of an honest post about regarding freelance work, sometimes helpful tips and tricks; the series is a really fun, motivating thing to read as a freelancer or aspiring freelancer. Corina designed the branding for House of Ell, so it's really fun to read her insights on her own process, too, which I can vouch for - it's awesome, and it's awesome to read about too! Not to mention the fabulous graphics she comes up for each post - this lady is endlessly talented!

 Where do you go to for inspiration for creativity, business knowledge, or otherwise? 


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