July 15, 2015

Art Fart: Collage & Colour

Today I'd like to share with you some of my art. It is something I wasn't planning on posting much of in this online space but it feels to me like it keeps creeping in anyway - which makes sense, as it is a big part of who I am.

Lately the only art-making that has really satisfied my soul is collage. It is great fun! The top one I made on the computer because I was away from my collection of magazines and bits. The bottom is a hand-cut collage, which I much prefer the process of.

I made these two pieces in the last week or so and I thought it was really interesting that they both have really similar colour palettes; with teal blues and golden yellows. It's funny to me because I never set out for a specific scheme or image in my collages - I collect my bits and pieces, sometimes with a vague concept or theme in mind, and see what I find. So to see a consistent colour scheme in my choices is really cool!

Anyway. This is my 'Art Fart' for today. I will probably share more on the blog as time goes.


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