July 1, 2015

A Thought or Two: Transitions

I wanted to share this photo of my fella and I wearing goofy wigs at my graduation party last weekend. It might just be my new favourite of us, in a silly kind of way. And, what better to go with a photo, than the written word, or many written words? So I thought I would also share some thoughts that have been spinning through my head.

It is such a beautiful thing to move from one life-phase to another without a need for change in your circle of people or your situation. I always fear that things will get thrown in the air at the junctures of my life; the big transitions. I view these moments as joints in a beam of wood that is really two put together as one. No matter how great of a dove tail or feather you do, a joint is still a weak spot.

Making the transition from student to... not, a student, has been a little overwhelming at times and I'm used to these transition phases being a time of re-evaluation: whether on the part of others (about me) or on my part (about others). Right now though, I have such a fantastic set of souls in my life that celebrate the good times with me, take my unnecessarily panicked phone calls in a heartbeat, laugh at all my lame jokes, and listen to me if I need to cry. I am very thankful and happy that this juncture has not shaken my relationships and that my people are in fact, my people.

I love them all very much.


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