June 24, 2015

Year of Thrift Start of Summer Update (Half a Year!)

It has officially been half a year of only thrift shopping! Time flies, even when you're not letting yourself shop at big stores! Ha!

This year of thrift challenge has become even easier now that it is summer and I have already gone to Europe - I was seriously budgeting to be able to go on that trip, and now, in some ways good in some ways bad, I am free to spend a little more. In terms of buying clothes - I have been able to grab a couple of fun summer items at nicer thrift shops - consignment shops, more curated ones, and have thus found some much nicer things than usual!

Thrifting while traveling was also, totally do-able. The ONLY time I bought a clothing item that wasn't handmade or second hand was upon arriving to Edinburgh and realizing I forgot to bring a scarf, and feeling VERY cold, so I bought a typical, wooly tartan scarf. I think this is a fair exception though - I was not in a position to buy a second hand scarf and wash it for immediate use! ;)

My neighbourhood also had a huge garage sale at the beginning of the month, so I snagged a couple of fantastic items there, including a really sweet black jacket that my neighbour brought out and asked me if I wanted before putting it out to sell. Garage sales have the best deals - ever! It's actually my favourite time of year, and I am eager to scout out more this summer!

I admit, it has been really difficult to resist all the summer patterns popping up in H&M and Forever 21 and the like. Im such a sucker for pattern. But I've done it! And to be honest, I think I will keep resisting, always. The more I discover how achievable this challenge is, the more I dislike the idea of going back to my old shopping habits.

Have you had any fun thrifty finds recently?


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