June 17, 2015

Window Shopping || 09

Lena Dunham Birthday Suit Shirt: Clashist // Grey Tweed Trouser: Trashy Vintage // Natural Cowhide Sandals: Golden Ponies // Protective Hand Ring: Datter Industries

So many cool things going on with this window shopping outfit!

First, let's talk about this Lena Dunham Birthday Suit shirt. Is this not the best pattern ever? I love the orange/red accent colour and all these fabulous Lena nudes. I'd be so happy to channel the ever-confident, fabulous Lena by wearing this shirt!

I'm also so glad to have found Datter Industries on etsy! They have little hand necklaces too... basically a must-have for me (can you tell I like hands?). I kind of want every single piece of jewellery they've got on there. Watch out, bank account...

Golden Ponies shoes are also pretty badass. Handmade, some natural leather, some vegan products. A nice mixture for everyone! Plus I love the way these sandals look - I'm still trying to force myself to break away from my all-black-everthing mode! Especially since it's finally warm and lovely here now, when it's not raining anyway.

What's on your wishlist right now?

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