June 17, 2015

Travel Photo Capsule: Copenhagen!

I've been to Copenhagen before this trip, but being there again gave me a whole new perspective on it! We actually took the time to really see things, go places, do things. Whatever little time we had, anyway.

Our first happy stumbled-upon discovery was the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket, which I mentioned in my Thrifty Travel Tips post as it was free on the day we went (a Tuesday)! The Glyptoteket is a sculpture museum, with the biggest most beautiful collection of statues and forms. The building itself was also incredible - as seen on these two pictures on the right. Half the time I spent there was me looking up at the ornate ceilings and columns! I've never had an appreciation for ancient sculpture like I now have, thanks to this place! It also had tons of information about how various sculptures were made, which we really enjoyed learning about!

We stopped by Freetown Christiania for an afternoon and had yummy shawarma and a pleasant walk through the neighbourhood. The homes there are so fantastic - literally, as though out of a fairy tale.  Tiny little doorways and DIY construction. There is one home that is made entirely out of recycled windows! We finished our little self-directed tour of Christiania at the art gallery, Staden Museum for Kunst, where we had a lovely chat with the lady running it and enjoyed some fun art.

On our last day in Copenhagen we checked out the Botanical Gardens! We actually made a point of visiting the botanical gardens everywhere we went, if we could. The Copenhagen one was most definitely my favourite. You walk in and there's this magical little spiral staircase that takes you up to the top of the green-house dome where you can walk around a small platform that goes all the way around! It was so sweet to be able to look down upon the giant palm leaves and various other plants, then also see them back at ground level! Multiple perspectives, real cooool.

Our short little stay in Copenhagen was quite nice, if only we had had more time to explore...

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