April 19, 2015

Window Shopping || 6

Floral Dress: Lucy Blue Vintage | Tribal Turquoise Necklace: Jessamity | White Mary Jane Shoes: James Rowland Shop

I don't wear as much floral anymore, but I used to be absolutely floral obsessed - I probably would have bought this light blue, adorable vintage dress in a heartbeat if highschool me saw it! I still have the very first shirt I ever thrifted back in Grade 10 or so. Surprise, it's floral! Maybe I'll include it in an outfit post soon.

Spring has me dreaming of florals and cute dresses again - gone are the days where I am restricted to darks and pants (I still wear them, but at least I have options!). We've had blue skies and sunshine this last week and I have been over the moon about it! I even broke out my cute little summer loafers from Paris for a celebratory dinner last night. My best friend Kami and I have both finished our undergrads and we thought it was worth dedicating a nice dinner and movie date night to. We had dinner on a patio, which got chilly when the sun went down, but it was nice while it lasted!

Has spring arrived around your part of town? I suspect the answer will be yes; Canada seems to be late to the game this year.


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