April 15, 2015

Creative Crush: Max Litvinov

Last week a classmate showed us the work of Max Litvinov (KClogg) - it's crazy bizarre. I love it!

It's nice to see an artist with a distinct 'style' still mix it up and try new things. I find his characters super charming and love the distortion and weirdness.  He also has a super psychedelic colour palette which is really fun and is more evident in the video at the bottom of the post than these two images I chose to show.

His animation reel is reel-y (haha... ha) what caught my attention though. Apparently all the music is his own too, which is really fun - I admire it when someone dives into the whole process of a project, and makes it entirely their own. I think that's what I enjoy most about Litvinov's work. Especially in the video, you get drawn into his own quirky universe with a variety of characters and colours and creatures.

Take a look:

Which artist have you been crushing on lately? 

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