March 1, 2015

Weekly Photo Capsule .6

As I put this photo capsule together I realized how artistically productive my week has been! A lot of my plans fell through this weekend so I ended up staying in and painting for hours and hours and hours - it was kind of nice! To work for so long, uninterrupted.

A little more than a week ago, I took my brother out for dinner for his birthday. He turned 15! But looks quite a bit older - the waitress nearly served him alcohol with my sister and me! He's a handsome little guy.

I also hung out with my parents a lot, like the cool kid that I am. But actually. I went to see visit my mum and we all drew "THE DRESS" in the colours we saw it. Without getting too into the topic right now, I have to say, it BLEW my mind (Blew, not blue. ha!) and my eyes keep bouncing between the two colour combos and it's quite mind boggling. This time that I drew the dress was a particularly blue and black kind of day.

What colours did you see the dress as? Have you managed to see both as well?


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