March 21, 2015


Happy Spring guys!
Today's the day (coincidentally at the start of spring, too, how funny is that?!) and my new layout and re-branding is officially UP and running! I'm so excited, and proud.

Now you guys can see what I have been ranting and raving about when it comes to Corina's fantastic work! The hand logo on the side is technically the secondary, simplified logo, but I loved it for the layout!  I'll roll out the primary one for another use soon though ;) She also created all the gorgeous patterns you've been seeing lately, and another that will make an appearance soon. I'm obsessed with the beautiful hand design she came up with for me. Isn't it so elegant? The biggest thanks, once again to Corina!

The layout - now that's where I'm proud! I really dug deep into the recesses of my mind to remember some coding and then filled in the blanks when I wanted to do something new. Not bad for my first time really diving into coding a whole blog huh?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I really want to start selling some of my creations, soon. I am super close to being done with school and will finally be able to, and I'm really looking forward to showing them off. Consider this giveaway a little sneak-peek to the kind of stuff I've been playing around with and a little thank you for following along with my blog, and for getting excited for this re-brand with me!

This is one of my hand-made weaving wall-hangings! It is a pretty, textural piece with a small dose of colour amongst soft (and fluffy!) neutrals! It measures 6" x 17" (with tassles and hanging length included).

The winner is:

Congratulations Marisa! How exciting! Please e-mail me your address info at katia.engell (at)!

I hope you guys love the re-brand as much as I do, and that you'll enter this little giveaway of mine :)


ps. If you notice any glitches in my new layout, please don't hesitate to let me know!

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