March 6, 2015

Dreaming of Summer

"Winter is here!" I cringe, brace yourselves.
"It's still winter!" I could cry. Sometimes I do cry.

In the city, the snow turns to slush. Everything is grey and the blue sky doesn't show itself for what feels like weeks at a time. Anytime I wake up at a reasonable time, it is still dark outside. I leave my classes to find the sun has gone already, replaced by bitter night time winds. Dry cracking hands (and nostrils, and eyes) and toes that are sick of socks and boots.

I'm sure it is worse elsewhere, maybe Northern Canada. Perhaps it is a personal preference (my brother loves winter). Regardless, I can't stand it. By mid-February I feel myself succumbing to the winter blues and wishing wholeheartedly for summer!

(photo taken nearly 4 years ago, the summer of red hair!)

And so I daydream of summer. I envision myself running outside with no shoes on, grass squishing between my toes. Letting my hair dry outside while I read a good book on the back patio. That feeling of the sun on my skin and the breeze a welcome pause from heat beating down on you. I picture a day at the beach eating snack foods and wearing tie-dye. I imagine camping trips and hikes to high up hills, birds singing sound tracks to my adventures. I imagine a sky, a forest, a world, that welcomes me and makes me feel at home.

I belong in summertime.


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