March 11, 2015

Creative Crush: Cocorrina

Today's Creative Crush is a particularly special one! You might know her already:  Corina Nika from the amazing blog, Cocorrina.

Corina Nika is a talented graphic designer and all-around creative located on a dream-like island in Greece! (yes, I'm jealous.) Her work is a great mishmash of geometric elements and organic textures and I love how it comes out!

So, other than her talent, what makes Corina's work so special?

Well, I recently hired her to do a branding job for House of Ell! Ah! I'm so excited about it! And, not to tease you all too much, but it turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined! Corina is the I'm hoping to launch the re-brand in the next two weeks, but more on that later ;)

I chose to show some of Corina's quirky and wonderful patterns and geometric totem work. Some of you may know I'm a total sucker for patterns - just short of being totally obsessed! I would undoubtedly fall in love with a notebook or pillow case with some of these patterns.... ouu, now I'm day dreaming!

Check out more of Corina's work here.
Also be sure to check out some of her scanned floral work, so cool!

What creative have you been crushing on lately?


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