February 11, 2015

Window Shopping || 3 (Valentine's Day Picks!)

Red Trousers: Hello Sidney | Slouchy Black Tshirt:  Decades | Shag Knit Caridgan: Vaux Vintage | Tiny Heart Temporary Tattoo: Pepper Ink

Happy Humpday!

Fun anecdote: apparently the term 'hump day' is entirely North American. I used the expression on my Scottish friend's wall on facebook, which led to a lot of questions! For any of my not-North-American readers, it's just Wednesday. Hump day comes from the idea that it's the middle of the working week, the 'hump' one must get struggle to get over, right in the middle.

Anyway, this is the Valentine's day outfit that I'm dreaming of today!  To be honest, though I looove red pants, I have so much trouble styling them! I feel like they only work with white or black, which is exactly what I've matched them with here. Do you have any tricks for styling red pants?

Also, some of you may know I have a wrist tattoo in the same spot as that little heart, and it'd be so fun to add another with a temporary heart tattoo just for Valentine's! And who could say no to that super fuzzy, cozy looking cardigan? I'd wear this outfit out to a nice lunch date or a concert at one of my favourite bars downtown.

What are you wearing for Valentine's day ;) ?


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