January 25, 2015

Weekly Photo Capsule .3

I'll admit! I'm cheating a bit here. The top left photo is from the cottage the other week, but I have been feeling ill and working non-stop on school work this weekend so it's nice to look back and swoon a little at this photo and remember the fun stuff.

Top right is my latest painting, the first of 2015!! I posted it on my art blog here.

And the rest: Weaving experiments to relieve myself of some school stress and dressing up nicely on days when I don't have studio classes and risk dirtying myself with paint or ink explosions!

Boy oh boy has it been a tedious, long weekend. Other than eating, showering and sleeping, I have worked on thesis work and been pleasantly focused! Though my body is craving some action - maybe it'll be time for a run or a walk tomorrow, before starting all over again to get it all done for Tuesday!

Wish me luck!


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