January 1, 2015

Something New: House of Ell

Happy New Year everyone!
I am so very excited to launch this new space of the net and to share this mini-adventure with you guys!

If you've been following my blog progression over the years you'll remember that I started off fashion blogging, and my space was called 'Kitty Snooks". That was a lot of fun, but after a year or so I became increasingly frustrated with a lot of aspects of the fashion blogging world and the seemingly excessive nature of it; the constant need to buy more, to acquire something new for your pictures, to keep up and freshen up and have something exciting to share with readers! There's a thrill to all of this; even non-fashion bloggers - ladies who are just really into fashion - can understand the thrill of a new perfect top that goes great with those sexy new jeans you bought last week and maybe it'll even match with your favourite pair of boots. Right? It's awesome!

But, despite the instant gratification of shopping and my love for fashion and textiles, I had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the amount of waste that goes on within the fashion industry, particularly with the trend of disposable fashion. I also generally get irked by big corporations and mass production and all of the crap that happens behind the shiny facades of all our favourite stores in the malls. Yet out of ease and in the interest of budgeting, I often give in and buy from them anyway.

I always feel a bit guilty though, and when someone asks me where I got my nice top I'm actually almost embarrassed to admit it came from Forever 21.  So I decided to do something about it! For 2015 I am going to rely on thrifting, handmade businesses, and small local businesses for all my purchases. And I'm planning on documenting my adventures in sustainable living on this brand new corner of the net - House of Ell! A place for my new discoveries, fun creations, and fresh ideas in the new year. Maybe I'll inspire others to give sustainable living a chance (because it doesn't necessarily mean living the hippie way, though that wouldn't be so bad either!) and I hope this will become a place to share thoughts, tips, and tricks for thrifting and sustainability etc. back and forth!

So I hope you'll join me along the way :)
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Here's to a happy, healthy, sustainable 2015! Cheers!

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