January 23, 2015

Natural Body Products: Green Beaver

Along with my general shift towards sustainable living, I have become hyper aware of my use of body products. It is so bizarre of a concept to me that, without thinking, we rub moisturizers and creams and other various products into our skin yet these products are comprised of icky chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. We are quite simply, straight-up giving our body chemicals to absorb. There are also numerous horror stories floating around of people using acne products that make their skin worse, and products that your body learns to rely on so you spend more and more and more money on them and then you're stuck. It's scary how easily these things become nothing more than a money-making product as opposed to a functional one!

Without going into too much more of a rant (hehe), I just want to emphasize how important natural products have become to me, and how much I'd like to advocate them for others to use. Which brings me to this post! I'm going to start sharing the natural/ethical products I have found to hopefully help others find products that work for them, if you're inclined towards a more sustainable route in your body/beauty routine! I'm excited!

One of my first finds in my foray into natural products is Green Beaver products. This company is awesome on multiple levels: one of which being that they are a Canadian company, which is bonus points for me since I also happen to live here, ha! I also really like their 'philosophy' as stated on their website:

"We believe that each of us has the opportunity to create a positive impact in this world, and for us that means creating products that do not harm animals, do not harm the earth, and do not harm you. Our philosophy comes from years of research about the harmful effects that chemicals have on our bodies and on the environment, driving us to infuse all-natural goodness into everything we do."

Totally speaks to me, ahhh! But really.
So far I have tried two products by them: the Green Tea face moisturizer, and the Grapefruit Bamboo face scrub

The face moisturizer is great because it is light and doesn't make me feel like I'm greasing up my face even more. It is soothing and fresh and one tube has lasted me at least 5 months!

The facial scrub is super cool - I LOVE that it uses bamboo bits (the correct term is 'micro fibers') instead of plastic bits that then pollute the waters. This scrub is also suuuper gentle and I somehow trust it not to be tearing away at my skin. It leaves me feeling soft but not damaged.

These are two products I have now bought twice and will in all likelihood buy again and again! Also, I totally had way too much fun taking these photos. Is that normal for review posts? To take your own photos of the products? I don't know. I've never done this before. But I saw that little bamboo in my bathroom just as I was about to take these photos and thought it went perfectly well with the product, since it also includes bamboo, and decided to include it for prettiness. Thoughts?

What are your favourite all-natural, earth friendly brands? Any good ones I should try out?

Ps. I just realized all these photos show the french side of the packaging, I didn't realize, sorry! Go to the Green Beaver website for more if you want more info!

(Disclaimer: I am NOT being compensated for this post. Green Beaver doesn't even know I exist as I write this. I just really like them and want to share for anyone interested and looking for good alternatives to the usual handful of options for body products.)

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