January 3, 2015

2015 Year of Thrift Manifesto

I like challenges. I like reasonable resolutions that I define for myself and that give me the flexibility to figure them out as I go. I like to document my challenges (in 2011 I made a 'creation a day' and shared them on a blog!) I am also incredibly passionate about this year's endeavour, and I can't wait to see how it all pans out! I mentioned it here already, but in this year I am challenging myself to only purchase thrifted or handmade goods.

The idea of entirely and only thrifting for an entire year is, actually, not entirely realistic. And so I am giving myself some guidelines for things that I consider the 'official exceptions' outlined in the Year of Thrift Manifesto:

In the year 2015 I will think sustainably and purchase all my clothing, accessories, and any other goods through thrifted means. Shirts, sweaters, dresses, necklaces, belts, vests, skirts, room decor... all of these things can be found in great quality and in clean, good condition at both larger and smaller thrift shops. What can't be purchase through thrift I will find alternatives that are handmade, environmentally friendly, and small business; things like jewellery, beauty products, bath and body products, hair products, etc.

The exceptions to these rules are as follows: One perfect pair of nice jeans. And I mean the good kind that your mother tells you about that last you many years. I already have a solid pair or two and am fairly certain they will last me til 2016 and hopefully beyond (knock on wood!). Underwear. I might be able to find a handmade or small business alternative, which could be pretty fun! Socks. Again, possible to find an alternative. Functional Shoes. So that means winter boots that, living in Canada, need to be waterproof and warm. Running shoes. Good ones so I don't ruin my ankles and knees. etc. A pair of summer sandals that won't destroy my feet, so Birkenstocks, which I already invested in! I already have all the shoes that I think I need, so this is a just-in-case scenario. Beauty/Bath/Body Products. For these I will find all-natural and DIY alternatives to the chemical-filled, icky stuff we slop on our skin every day.

I'll probably modify this list as I go, figure things out as the need arises as the seasons change. But for now I think this is quite inclusive.

Do you have any suggestions as to what else can or can't realistically be thrifted?


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