September 24, 2016

Window Shopping || 18

Labyrinth Pendant: Mimosa | Embroidered Ankle Boot: Pastel Fox | Gingham Mini Dress: Loose Goods

It's officially FALL! I have mixed feelings about saying goodbye to an amazing summer and the warm sunshine on my skin, but I also really love the coziness of fall, and subsequently the fashion which I spoke a bit about in last year's "Year of Thrift Fall Update" post! I've been resisting the urge to shop at all, thrift or no thrift, trying to save my money as much as I can now that I'm not working as much. But my new apartment has several, fabulous looking thrift shops within walking distance.... uhm. SO dangerous, but I have yet to succumb to the urge. Check back with me in a month and we'll see if that's changed!

I've been admiring Mimosa's jewellery for maybe a few years now - and this labyrinth pendant is just 100% up my alley. Circles anyone !?(I love circles) It's also all about the small details for me these days; simple and unusual jewellery, little unique touches like the embroidery on these ankle boots, all to compliment a simpler "base" outfit. My wardrobe selection for school has proven to be "capsule" wardrobe style - few items, versatility, lots of neutrals and comfy favourites. It's been really nice to limit myself, I'm actually impressed by how little I miss my clothes back home. As such my jewellery collection has been important to me - though it is also minimal. I have about 3 necklaces, two rings, and 5 pairs of earrings with me.

Who would have ever thought I'd be little miss minimal with my fashion? Who are we kidding though... I'll probably dive headfirst back into my "at-home" wardrobe this weekend when I go back for work.... ha! But it's nice to know I can do it and not hate it.

What's on your fall wishlist?

September 8, 2016

Thrifty Outfit .o7

Earlier this summer, after months of daydreaming about this project, I enlisted my extremely talented friend Cassandra Moy to make me a new bag! Cass makes bespoke bags & garments, and man is she ever a groovy maker. We met working for a local artist and I've been in awe of her work ever since. I thought that back-to-school was a good excuse for a backpack.... right?

But, surprise!
It's also a purse. We brainstormed a cool way to make it interchangeable without extra hardware or multiple straps! I am SO pleased with the result. I'm also very particular about the sizes and amount of pockets, embellishments, etc. that I want in my purses, so going bespoke was a really great way to get the right purse for me. Cass made it so beautiful and I still smile every time I swing it over my shoulders!

Another fun fact about this bag is that Cass intentionally designed it to use scrap leather that was left over from previous projects. The only new piece of material was the one bought for the strap which needed to be a certain length. I am so happy we added this sustainable touch to the bag - it makes it that much more meaningful and special to me!

Cass's partner in crime, Elliott of Big Black's Book, took some photos of me/the bag for Cass's portfolio, and I snatched them too so that I could share them here! The focus was on the bag (duh), hence the shortage of frontal photos. Right before we started the shoot it began to absolutely POUR rain on us. Luckily Cass had an umbrella that matched my shirt, and none of us were afraid of a little bit of wet, so we ventured out regardless and I'm so glad! Elliott took beautiful shots, and I think the atmosphere and soft light are really quite lovely.

Bag: Cassandra Moy | Pants: Thrifted! | Shirt: American Eagle | Hat: Thrifted!| Earrings: Gifted 

Total Thrift Tally: 3/5! 
(Including the handmade bag)

I've been using the bag for a couple of weeks now and I'm still loving it - it really holds everything I need (and a little room for extras. like snacks.) and has gotten me through grad school orientation (hello outlines and calendars and school swag!). I wear it mostly as a backpack right now, though it's nice to switch it up now and then if I want to have quicker access to what's inside. 

Have you ever had something made special for you?


September 5, 2016

A Thought or Two: Feeling Ready

There are changes in life that come along and threaten you - they shake up your foundation and force you to question yourself. These are the kinds of change that everyone calls scary, the kind we allude to when we talk about being creatures of habit that like our routines. I've always been one to feel simultaneously scared and excited for big changes in life - for entering that 'next' phase. Excited because change brings so much opportunity for joy and for happy new experiences; Scared because I don't usually feel ready for the change. The standard mix of emotions, really.

This time around though, I am feeling so ready. I am moving to a new city I've only been to once and starting a Master's degree in a subject I have never studied before. It would be easy to feel scared for all the unknown, that's what I would normally expect, but I feel ready. Maybe it's the many transitions I've made it through in the past that has me more confident that I can do it, maybe it's the strong sense of purpose I feel and that I'm studying something that is exactly the path I want to take, maybe it's an independence and confidence that simply comes with age, maybe it's all of these things! But I feel more ready than ever.

I'm also really excited about my new apartment! My roommate is great, the room is big and bright (with large windows!) and the neighbourhood is so full of beautiful old homes. I'm excited to decorate - though sparsely as it will be a temporary place - and to cook for myself and do my groceries myself (I actually love that) and to live my own way for a little while. I will miss my parents and brother and boyfriend and friends back home, but I will also be commuting home for work on the weekends so I will see them plenty! I also took my first nap in my new place today so - that means it's home for real now, right? ;)

It's odd to feel ready at a time where my past self would feel utterly unprepared. Really nice, of course, but odd. That's not to say I'm not nervous, I definitely feel nervous too, but hardly as much as I feel excited. We will see what happens when I actually dive into school and work and adjusting to a new city all at once, but I'm going to enjoy this unadulterated excitement for now!