January 19, 2016

Creative Crush: Matthew James Kay

Matthew James Kay is an artist I found on instagram (because where else do I find artists nowadays?) through his diagram poems account. I find Kay's word and diagram couplings so meditative and pleasing. They really resonate with me; there's something magic about the simplicity and happenstance and creative pairing that goes into this work.

Things also get real groovy when pattern and image collage elements come into play. And if you happen to know me, you know I love me some pattern and some collage so - win win!

Be sure to check out Kay's portfolio website, as well as his etsy shop to see which pieces he's willing to part with!

By the way, how would YOU read these poems?
I instinctively start at the top then work my way around clockwise, but sometimes my eyes jump around unintentionally! Curious to see how others interpret these!


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