May 4, 2015

Window Shopping || 7

Conch Shell Necklace: Dreams By The Sea | Embroidered Tunic: Trashy Vintage | Mint Floral Shorts: Zvedzdana Vintage | Socks: Medium Rare

This outfit is so summer-y!  It makes me think of eating popsicles from the icecream truck at the beach (because that's tradition, no beach trip is complete without an icy treat!)

I've been really trying to lighten up my clothing lately; more florals, more pastels, more colours. It's hard though, with my thrifting rules and budget, to use what I have and not splurge on a full new summer-y wardrobe! That's the whole point of this window shopping series though - some make believe shopping and imaginative outfit making, haha.

How great are those socks?
I have a funny thing with socks - I don't love them. I don't like wearing them. But my feet get cold and then I get cold and that's an issue! So I buy funky, funny socks. This pair is so fun; the colours, the abstract designs, the patterns. Perfect!

What Spring clothing are you lusting over lately?

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