April 7, 2015

Year of Thrift Spring Update

I'm a little delayed in writing a Year of Thrift Update! I have some more insight to share now though, since I actually have some experience to reflect on.

What do I mean by actually having experience to reflect on now?

Well, I have found that my Year of Thrift Challenge has seriously slowed me down in my shopping, in general! Of course this isn't surprising, but I find that my urge to shop has diminished, and I barely even go thrift shopping! In comparison to how frequently I would shop before, that is. By not allowing myself to step into the closest H&M impulsively after class or as an extra stop on my way somewhere else has made me stop wanting to almost all together.

That being said, I haven't collected that much recent 'experience' with thrifting to share in regards to my year of thrift! Other than a few little items here and there (this adorable spring jacket is still the winner of the year so far) I haven't done any spring shopping or anything yet.

Also, clothing swaps are still my most favourite thing. I recently nabbed a few really cute clothes from my friend Annie and she has a rockin' sense of style, so I seriously scored!

Travel Gear.

The likelihood of me finding a traveling backpack that was the exact right size for carry-on bags around the world were slim, so we researched the heck out of it and found a good bag, the Osprey Farpoint 40, which the people at Europebound in Toronto were kind enough to have transferred from another store and put on hold for us (it's a popular bag it seems).

Also, clothes that are appropriate for travel are hard to find - mostly because cotton and wool are no good (don't dry fast enough, pretty bulky) and they seem to make up a good portion of the clothes I've found at thrift stores lately. I haven't given up though!

When my fella and I were backpack shopping, we decided to pop into a few stores to look for swim suits (another exception). I walked into H&M and was very quickly overwhelmed by all the beautiful patterns on all their beautiful new spring clothes and as soon as he came back down from the men's floor, I hustled him out of there mumbling "GET ME OUT OF HERE! LOOK AT THE PATTERNS. OH MY GOD." I guess my desire for shopping isn't entirely out of my system yet, or maybe just my love for patterns... I stayed strong though - be proud!

Quick Side note: Is it even accurate to call this weather Spring yet? I don't know about you guys, but here in Toronto we woke up on Easter Sunday to SNOW. Big, icky clumps of it on the ground! What's that all about?

Have you made any fun thrift buys recently?

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