April 19, 2015

Weekly Photo Capsule .10

It has been a really nice couple of weeks. Though I still have to get my work ready for my final graduation show, it has been really nice to have some time on weekends and between work to focus on my own projects. The top left is a fun project I have worked on with my friend over a few years now (which I'll talk about some other time!) and the bottom right is for a fun zine my friend Blair is writing, which I will also talk more about later!

Last weekend the fella and I went to the zoo for Gorilla awareness day - it was one of the first wonderfully sunny days of the year and we really enjoyed walking around, learning about Gorillas, and seeing what ever other animals were out and about already. The Toronto zoo just recently got Pandas and boy are they cute and lazy and hilarious.  This one was just lounging and letting whatever bits of his food fall onto his belly. No care in the world I tell ya!

What have you been up to this week?

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