April 13, 2015

Natural Body Products: Andalou Naturals for Hair

I've always battled a bit with my hair. I am not an anomaly - I know these same words are uttered daily by women and girls around the globe. I still battle with my hair - but there are some things that help me embrace my crazy hair instead of battling it. The Andalou Naturals hair products have done pretty well at taking care of my big ol' mane so far.

The Andalou "Argan & Sweet Orange" Shampoo and Conditioner are what I have been using for about 9 months now! I initially picked them out because I had a moisturizer by Andalou that I really liked, and then I got one whiff of their scent and it was decided! They kind of smell like candy, very much like an orange creamsicle. Yum yum.

My hair is a thousand different textures on one head: I get little curlies at the nape of my neck, some straight areas mixed in all around, and some waves and frizz thrown into the mix too! It's a crazy town when it can't make up its mind. I find that with this shampoo & conditioner combo, my hair won't necessarily choose one way to be, but all its various parts are happy and behave with these products. My hair generally feels healthy and soft and good.

Andalou as a company seems pretty great - they balance profit and philanthropy (their words, not mine!), and take a generally sustainable approach to making their products. Not only do they stuff their products full of good, mostly natural things (I don't think it is 100% natural, unfortunately) they also source the ingredients from sustainable, good sources.

"We value knowing where our ingredients come from, the farmers who grow them, and connecting the human chain of hands that make every step possible from farm to bottle, soil to skin, and botany to beauty."

I think that's pretty awesome. 

One thing that there is controversy over is the use of "Fruit Stem Cells"in the products, as though they help to rejuvenate and regrow things.  Some people argue this is a misconception because the cells die and therefore do not perform the function we expect them to. It does however seem as though, at the very least, the "stem cell" ingredients included offer other pluses such as antioxidants. I've had some trouble finding articles that explain why stem cells don't function in beauty products, as most of the writing out there are trying to encourage the purchase of the products and are all for it. The doubt about plant stem cells is briefly mentioned here and here

Stem Cell stuff aside, the product has been really good to me and I will probably continue to use it. 

ALSO! I did find out that the store I normally goes to is seriously upping the price - so I found an alternative that sells it for several dollars cheaper. Make sure you double check when buying pricier products that they aren't being sold more expensively than they already are!

What natural shampoo/conditioners have you tried? 

(Disclaimer: I am NOT being compensated for this post. Andalou Naturals doesn't even know I exist as I write this. I just really like them and want to share for any of you who are interested and looking for good alternatives to the usual handful of options for body products.)


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