March 17, 2015

Thrifty Outfit .03

Jacket: Thrifted / Sweater: Roots / Shirt: Thrifted / Scarf: Bought in Belgium / Corduroy Pants: Thrifted / Bag: Gift / Necklace: Roots & Feathers / Shoes: Winners

Total Thrift Tally: 3/8 + handmade necklace!

Guys!! Notice something exciting about this outfit? There's no winter jacket! Look at how (relatively) light and airy my new spring jacket is! I bought it at Value Village a few weeks ago, since I am looking to try and find a waterproof and windproof, but light-weight jacket to take with me for backpacking in Europe. I love this little trench coat style with the faux-Burberry collar and cuffs!

These pants come with a fun little story: I got them in a thrift shop when I was living in Paris! I grabbed them and didn't feel like trying them on at the store (the store was a little grungy) so I just guessed that they were the right size, paid 5Euro, and they ended up fitting PERFECTLY. I was very proud of my size-judgement hehe.

The sweater, bag, and shoes, have all been very good buys - I've had the Roots hoodie for nearly 6 years! The shoes and purse probably closer to 3. The zipper on the bag is broken, but I think I'll get it fixed. It's a leather bag my parents brought back for me from Italy and it's the perfect size for all my stuff!

Did you notice anything else about this post? Like, say, another cool looking pattern behind one of the photos? Stay tuned for this Saturday, March 21st, for the official launch of House of Ell's new branding!

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