March 16, 2015

5 Days Until the House of Ell Re-Brand!

Well I've decided - I will be launching the new layout & general re-branding for House of Ell this coming Saturday, March 21st! I am very excited - so much so that it is taking huge amounts of self restraint not to just throw it all up right now! But no, I have a little bit more work to do with tweaks on the layout and I think Saturday will be a good day for the launch.

I decided that I would get my blog properly branded by someone who knows what they're doing, as I would love to one day use this as a platform to build a little business off of. It's a little daydream of mine - but a feasible one! I just need to invest the money and time into it, so I decided to start NOW!

I can do graphics and things just fine, but I also know how hard it is to brand yourself (I have an impossible time at it) and I'm not EXCELLENT at it. So I wanted to hire someone who was, and I hired Corina from Cocorrina to do it for me because I have been enamoured with her work for quite some time. The process was so fun! It was really neat to be on the client end of a creative job, and to see this perspective of the process. Corina is sweet and easy to work with, and really throws herself into a project! I never felt like my branding was less important to her than any other work - even though she was doing big jobs like designs for Elie Saab while she was at it! It was a really great experience and I have ZERO regrets. The work she has done for House of Ell is beyond my expectations!

So will you join me in anticipating the launch? All this week I will be posting tiny little bits and pieces of the re-brand (like the groovy pattern in this graphic) and I hope you will get a little bit excited with me! There may even be a little treat in it for you.... ;)


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