February 8, 2015

Weekly Photo Capsule .4

Woooee what a couple of weeks it has been! Mid terms and assignments and work and feeling a little under the weather has made for a pretty hectic bit of time. But I made it through to the other side and am having a nice little weekend of relaxing, finishing Gone Girl, and frolicking about in all the snow we've had here. As I type this there is more falling in a constant, steady sprinkling of frozen glitter.

Yesterday my fella and I went for a little adventure into the park. We had intended on going tobogganing but came home to find that my younger brother had already taken the sleds to the park with his friends! So we met him there, borrowed the toboggans for one run each, then ventured off on our own for snow ball fights, tree climbing, and snow angels. We had snow pants on and it was remarkably nice to feel so invincible against the snow and the cold! It allowed us to just enjoy the outdoors which is tough to do when your day-to-day experience is commuting in it and arriving at your destination with slush spatters up the back of your nice pants and your nose and eyes running from the bitter cold air. Not so fun. It was so relaxing to let out my inner child and roll around without a worry in the world in the snow!

Other bits from the past week: a reggae show at a great bar downtown, The Orbit Room, to celebrate Bob Marley's birthday, and my group's model set up for painting class, complete with out-of-this-world green bubble wrap and a water-y projection on top of it all. I'll share my painting of it when it's all done!

How has your week been? Do you have tons of snow where you are?


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