February 16, 2015

Thrifty Outfit .o2

Cardigan: Thrifted / Tanktop: Thrifted / Blouse: Thrifted / Jeans: J-Brand
Total Thrift Tally: 3/4! 

A pretty simple outfit - it's hard to go and take photos with boots and jackets etc. outside! We have -40 degree Celcius weather this weekend, it's a doozy. Quite frankly I didn't even consider heading outside for these! So here are just a few photos of my indoors outfit that my lovely friend Sabrina took for me when we did a clothes swap today!

I layered some of my favourite (thrifted!) tops with my nice pairs of dark blue jeans. It's one of my favourite combos when skirts are kind of out of the question with the weather! You can't really tell, but the cardigan is actually a black velvet and it is my absolute favourite. I wear it aaaaallll the time and since it's black it goes with everything, just adding a nice little element of texture.

What's your go-to item to add some texture to an outfit?



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