February 9, 2015

Fun & Affordable! DIY Valentine's Day Date Ideas

It's no fresh news that DIY is super trendy right now - but a lot of the DIY culture is focused around the THINGS we need, not so much for our experiences. I really like the idea of do-it-yourself dates, because just like things, we often rely on external forces to provide our experiences for us: movies, museums, dinners at restaurants, carefully crafted drinks at caf├ęs, etc.

Now, especially for events like Valentine's Day, going out and trying to get a reservation or seats at a crowded restaurant or theatre, planning how to get there and paying the strategically inflated prices for everything.... it just seems a little futile for an experience we can have on any other day for cheaper and with much less brouhaha from everyone all over the place. So consider going DIY this Valentine's day and planning a do-it-yourself date! Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

1. Go on an adventure!
Is there a neighbourhood in your city you haven't explored yet? Have you experienced the nearest beach in winter time? What about the nearest park? Bundle up with your partner and go hand in hand on a little adventure, take some photos, discover new things, and maybe grab some hot chocolate in travel mugs! Better yet, make some special hot chocolate at home before hand. I've been tempted to try this recipe for Gingerbread Hot Chocolate with Coconut Milk!

2. Make Something Together.
I'm fortunate in that my fella and I are both creative folks! If you and your partner are also a creative duo - take this opportunity to make something together, maybe something you've always talked about doing but never have found the time to do. Build a cool DIY honeycomb shelf together! Or paint that awesome geometric statement wall you've been eyeballing online. Are you both not into building/making things? Make dinner together! Make some home-made pizzas with a variety of toppings and see whose turns out the yummiest (you could even get real cheeeesy and make them heart shaped!).

3. Re-Watch Old Favourites (with a glass of wine!)
Stay in with some delicious snacks, a nice bottle of wine, some cozy blankets and marathon your favourite TV show. Game of Thrones is starting up again in April! Refresh your memory by re-watching some of the better episodes from previous seasons. Or, watch some old old films and giggle at awful 80's special effects and funny acting.

Are you DIY date-ing for Valentine's this year? What are your plans!


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