February 3, 2015

Creative Crush: Hollis Brown Thornton

I am very often introduced to the work of amazing artists through Juxtapoz Magazine, such is the point I suppose! I was really excited when they posted about Hollis Brown Thornton the other week; really really enjoy his work! The mash up of digital (but OLD digital) things plus old wallpaper and other retro things makes for a really cool juxtaposition (and not just because I got it from Juxtapoz... ha!)

When I ventured onto Thornton's site and read his artist's statement, he talked about his intentions for his work and his interest in the digital world versus the physical world, which actually translates in his process too - which is pretty cool! Some of it is done entirely by hand, and other parts are transferred from digital prints and/or pre-existing imagery!

"The final image is always a slightly flawed representation of the original digital form, illustrating the inherent differences between the physical and digital." 

I think it's fascinating when artists don't just create pieces with meaning in the subject matter - but in the way the art is created as well.

Check out more of Thornton's work HERE!


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