January 28, 2015

Window Shopping || 2

Knit Dress: Millaloop Vintage || Elephant Bag: Red Poppy Vintage || Hand Necklace: My Selvaged Life || Western Ankle Boot: Onefortynine

There's nothing quite like a dose of window shopping after a really long school week! Ok... I still have another class this week, but after all the work I've done already I feel like it's pretty much over!

I fell in love with this little bag when I found it (must be my South Asia Visual Culture class kicking in!) and thought the hand necklace was a subtle yet intricate detail to go along with it. I love accessory based outfits, especially when they're just quirky enough! So of course, the rest of the outfit is very minimal and nice, plain ol' black! I've been trying to get my hands on some cowboy boots for a while now, and I really dig this ankle-boot version. 

Sigh! If only budgets weren't a thing...

What have you been lusting over lately?


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