January 15, 2015

Window Shopping || 1

About halfway into my first month of my Year of Thrift challenge and well, it's actually been quite easy so far. One thing I've come across is how fruitless it is to 'window shop' online on big store sites like Urban Outfitters and Free people etc. It just feels icky to look at it and long for it when one, I know I can't have it, and two, I don't actually want it if it comes from there. And let's face it - window shopping can be reaaaaaally fun; day dreaming about brand new outfits and what you would pair with what and how much your significant other would like that cute dress/shirt/whatever on you...... you know. That kind of thing.

So I turned to Etsy's endless supply of pre-loved and handmade shops and went one step further: I put together a little outfit/wishlist to share with you guys!

Necklace: myLifebox || Duster Sweater: Allen Company Inc. || Shirt: Chic Vintage Hawaii || Earrings: Illusy

Ah! I'm in love with this plum + off-white + warm metallic combo! I would finish this outfit off with a nice pair of black jeans and little black booties, and of course - in this frigid Canadian weather - my biggest frumpiest winter jacket and bulky scarves mittens and a hat. Yes - sometimes multiple scarves. Canada's crazy cold guys.

Do you online-window shop? Which sites do you go to for a little bit of sartorial daydreaming?



  1. Oooh, I'm really loving these soft, neutral colors right now. And that plum top is gorgeous! I totally online-window shop. Etsy, Modcloth, and Amazon are big ones for me.

  2. You know, I haven't given plum any consideration but I am loving that color (and that top for that matter). I window shop all the time. It's hard not to pull out my bank card and go to town while perusing Etsy, hehe.

  3. Oh, love that top - really pretty! I love browsing around Etsy. So many gems in there! :)