January 24, 2015

Thrifty Outfit .o1

Jacket: Thrifted / Sweater: Thrifted / Shirt: Thrifted / Purse: Michael Kors (gift!) / Jeans: 3x1 / Boots: Winners
Total Thrift Tally: 3/6!

Yay! An outfit post!

I stopped fashion blogging a few years ago because it felt purposeless, self-indulgent, and the way I went about it was a little bit vain. But now I have the facade of 'thrifted things!' & SUSTAINABILITY GUYS! to feel better about sharing outfits again! (Just kidding, it's not a facade. I'm genuinely obsessed with thrifting and sustainability, if it weren't obvious by the premise of this entire blog!)

These are just a few shots of a pretty day-to-day outfit for me. The only difference is that it was warm enough on this day to ditch my bulky parka and wear this beautiful Banana Republic jacket! I bought it at one of my more frequented 'designer' second hand shops called Second Nature Boutique. I was a bit worried buying a creamy, light jacket, but it has surprisingly held up quite well and hasn't gotten too dirty yet. Knock on wood! My sweater and top are both from Value Village.

I just looked up the company that made these jeans, and turns out they're actually pretty great! 3x1 is a smaller company run in New York city that seems to be totally engaged in the entire process of making their jeans. Read more about them here!

So, though all of these purchases were made pre-2015, I'd say it still fits within the realm of my Year of Thrift manifesto? Maybe the bag not so much, though that's something I'd consider adding to my 'exceptions'.

On a side note; I took these pictures RIGHT BEFORE getting a hair cut. I could have had a super fabulously glam hair-do for these. But nooope, I hadn't had the foresight so I took pictures while my hair was scraggly after 6 months without a trim. But hey, at least my coat collar mostly concealed my icky ends ;) !

Happy weekend everyone!

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