January 12, 2015

A Case of the January Slumps & How to Beat it!

In winter I become a bear.

I bulk up, adding on layers. Some in the form of soft sweaters and knit scarves, others in the form of cookies and chocolate and creamy creamy lattes. Especially after Christmas. I slow down and everything feels a little bit heavier (another side effect of the cookies and chocolate and creamy creamy lattes). It's like I go into hibernation, as much as it is possible to hibernate as an engaged human being in today's hustle-bustle never-stop mode of living.

I watch TV for hours on end because it's too cold to go outside. I sleep because the sun goes down so early it tricks me into thinking it's night time. I choose a lazy night at home instead of trekking out into the snow and wind to meet friends at a bar downtown, an hour away. The problem is, these things end up making me feel more sluggish, less productive, and generally way way ickier.

January is also back-to-school, or back-to-work, and the unfortunate come down after the holiday season. I mean really, after New Years what is there to look forward to? Summer? Yea. Basically.

Ahhhh winter, my good ol' energy-sucking friend that just keeps coming back.

So, instead of moping about the inevitable downsides of an inevitable season, I'm making some conscious changes to my habits to try and break myself out of the January Slumps!

1. Feed Your Mind - You know how everyone says it's so important to eat all the right things to balance all the things in your body and feel awesome? I think the same goes for your mind, not just your body. I feel like crap after sitting and mindlessly marathoning a TV show alone in my basement. But I feel great and invigorated if I focus on a really great book for a few hours instead. Right now I'm reading Gone Girl! And maybe I don't want to wander around in the cold from bar to bar or to shop with friends, but the Art Gallery is warm and dry, and also totally full of inspiration that gets my wheels turning and makes me want to make something when I get home! Feeding my mind makes me feel a little more full and capable of things, instead of like a lazy potato that can't get anything done.

2. Make Something - It can be hard to force yourself out of an uninspired phase, but as soon as you do feel a jolt of energy, jump on it! Harness it! Make a thing, even if it's a dumb little thing. Or make that painting idea you've always had, try that weaving DIY you've seen all over the net lately. Not the creative type? Make a meal, a really nice new one instead of the easy go-to's you have every other night. Yesterday I tired my hand at making this shakshuka recipe for lunch. It's a North-African dish that I saw someone post on instagram, and decided it would be a fun thing to try out! Plus my family really appreciated me cooking for them - bonus points for me!!

3. Clean Something -  I can't be the only one whose room gets a little too messy whenever I'm stressed out by school or can't quite get off my butt to get things done! In the last little bit I have actually left some of my crap ON MY BED when I went to sleep. I didn't even bother taking it off the bed. Now that's just embarrassing. I always feel better when I do my laundry, fold and put away all my clothes, and clean up all my left over holiday crap that hasn't been put away yet. So clean your closet, your room, your dishes, your laundry, etc. and make some room for good feelings instead (Excuse the cheese.)

Do you have a case of the January slumps too? What typically works to help you beat it?

ps. what do you think of my little bear illustration? I'm playing around with doodling on my phone, I kinda like it!


  1. I love the doodle, on your phone too?

    It's a great time to clear out all the crap you really don't need. Too many trainers I never wear. I also seem to read more in January. So much tv at Xmas makes me want to switch off my 9pm.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Yes! It's a phone doodle :)
      Same here, I gorge myself on my favourite TV shows because it feels like I have time, which I do, but I also have time to be productive instead right?!

  2. Yeah I have the January slumps, for real. January is such a blah month, I feel like it's a filler month to get to the real months lol. I've been watching too much Netflix and eating too much chocolate. I'm hoping adding yoga and pilates back into my routine will help kick me out of it. We shall see....

    Z. | J. POTTER