May 22, 2016

Window Shopping || 17

(Silkscreen Lobster Halter top: Hanmattan | Handmade Oxford Flats: Imelda Shoes | Cropped Wide-Legged Pants: Persephone Vintage)

I am in a serious window-shopping mood lately (and on occasion, real shopping!). It's partly due to all the summer styles emerging, and partly due to having finished a big mural job and having a little bit of spending money to use. I've also come to some realizations about my style, which often happens to me at the junction of seasons. 

My collection of "summer pants" are patterned, wide-legged, flowy, mostly loose fitting garments. I don't love wearing shorts and I don't love dresses and skirts. These flowy summer pants are something I've discovered in the last few years and developed a nice collection of. That being said - I also tend to buy patterned flowy tops. I'm all about the patterns. But these two sets of garment types don't really go together, so I've decided to try and part with one set. That would be the tops - because my pants are truly my favourite. So I'm on the hunt for neutral, nice-fitting summer tops!

This Lobster Twin top is suuuuuper cool.  I recently watched The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos and it was an astounding and weird film. I loved it! And I've had lobsters on the mind ever since (not because there are actual lobsters in the film - it's all very avante garde and symbolic), so I love this pair of lobsters. There's a myth that lobsters mate for life, which is a romantic notion for sure. Apparently it is just a myth though, and that they actually just have spats of periodic monogamy after a female lobster has molten and hasn't fully formed their new shell. Fun fact of the day! You're welcome.

I really like the pairing of the sage green of these pants with the coral red of the lobster detail. And of course some beautiful, classy black shoes to round it off. I like to keep things simple for summer. Shirt, pants, shoes (and covert panties I guess). The necessities only.

What style or garment have you been coveting lately?


May 17, 2016

Colour Lovin' .o4

Colour Lovin' is a series of colour palettes based on images I love. It is my hope that these colour palettes offer some visual stimulation and inspire creatives who might find themselves in need of a starting point or creative prompt!

I took a series of photos like this at breakfast one morning, and only later did I take a look and realize how ghostly the images had turned out. I call them my "Coffee Ghost" shots. All the colours are soft, but there are some really nice complimentary hues going on and I really love how they work together in the photo.

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May 10, 2016

The Latest 01

It has been a while since I shared a bit about what's up in my life lately! When I get really busy, I find it hard to reflect on that which I am too busy living/experience/getting through.

I recently finished up a big contract job and a freelance magazine design job, just in time to come down with a flu of some kind that completely and totally knocked me out. As in - sleep for 12 hours then nap a few times during the day, kind of knocked out. It lasted about a week and a half, then a short phase of touch and go, and I am now finally feeling like myself again - just in time for more work! Ha! Today I started a mural at a long term care facility that I am so so excited to complete, but man is mural painting ever physical labour. It's okay though - it's not every day that I get a strength work out as an artist ;)

Other than that, I've still just been putting boobs and such on everything. Which is always a fun thing to respond when my dad asks me what I'm working on. (Love you dad!)

My nudie work is now available at Arts Market at College and Ossington - if you live in Toronto! I love the Arts Market gang and it has been really fun so far being a vendor. I'm such a sucker for creative supporting other creatives and being eager to be a collaborative community! I know the art world is competitive, and I'm not rejecting that reality, but I love collaboration and mutual support in the art world too. It's how it keeps turning! It's what I want to emphasize most on this blog, lately.

My nudie tees are also available on my online shop and I will soon put up my stickers, weavings and bowls/ceramics as well. ALL the nudie things!

What's the latest in your life!?