May 6, 2019

May 30 x 30 Six Days in

On the first of may, I very spontaneously decided to take part in the May 30x30 challenge on instagram. I picked my outfit that day (above), not knowing yet that I would take part - so those items were thus included in my 30 items of clothing for the next 30 days. Turns out these were great items for layering, mixing and matching, and just generally for comfort, too. Hooray!

So far it has been very fun and reminds me of my fashion blogging days, thinking creatively about back drops and locations, and sheepishly asking friends to take photos of me. I promised my partner I wouldn't make him into an "instagram boyfriend" a while back, but he has since been very supportive (and I think he likes the idea of me being more minimal with my closet, too... ha!).

It hasn't been that much of a challenge yet, other than overcoming my feelings of awkwardness about posing, especially in public! But as far as the clothes go, it's been fun, and I decided not to include any accessories except maybe shoes. I've worn three pairs and don't think I'll be needing more of a variety in the next month. I admit I have swapped out one pair of jeans for another, but only because I hadn't yet worn the first pair.

Another fun thing about the May 30x30 challenge is how much of a sense of community I'm suddenly feeling on instagram! I was feeling a bit meh about it, and only connecting with a few people here and there, or people I already knew. Starting the May 30x30 has introduced me to SO many other sustainable fashion enthusiasts, many of whom are very inspiring in their styles and happy to chat and connect! It makes instagram more fun to have honest conversations with others. I am also trying to keep it real and goofy (as above) because 90% of the time when a camera is pointed at me I do stick my tongue out....

The weather in Toronto has been up and down, but I got to pull out a skirt an soak up some sunshine yesterday!

And then today! I got a hair cut in exchange for some of my vintage jewellery - cool right? She also just did such a good job with my hair texture and the exact style I wanted - and wasn't too judgemental about my poorly self-cut bangs... I'm THRILLED! It's kind of a cute shaggy retro cut which I am super into right now. And so here's me with my new 'do at the library again, because I spend a lot of time there and the colours just happen to be my "aesthetic". Heh.

Ok! That's it, my gratuitous outfit photos and my thoughts on 6 days of the May 30x30 challenge! I'll report back halfway through again too, and at the end. We'll see if I'm still enjoying it so much then.


April 2, 2019

vintage earrings ~ shop

You know that feeling when you are thrifting and there's something so good, you can't let it get away? Even though you really don't need it, or it is maybe not QUITE your style? I get that urge a lot. I love thrifting and collecting, but have to be conscious of not hoarding. My solution? Starting a little vintage section in my shop! The House of Ell shop now has vintage earrings listed!

I've already sold a few, which is really exciting! And there's more to come. As you all know, I am a big proponent of sustainability in fashion. As much as possible, I advocate for buying second hand and vintage to avoid encouraging/supporting/funding the creation of new, easily-disposed-of pieces. Alternatively, hand made! Unfortunately that is all-too-often out of my budget, so I really believe that second hand is an accessible option for living fashionably a little more sustainably. The House of Ell shop is my start at contributing to that, beyond just as a consumer!

So have a lookie at the Shop let me know what you think, and maybe keep me in mind should you need some new jewellery sometime!

~ CLICK HERE to get to the House of Ell Shop! ~

March 20, 2019

decor day dream ~ march

With my room mate moving out at the end of this month, I am in the bittersweet position of having to find some new pieces for my space (bitter because... I'm going to miss her. sweet because, an opportunity to thrift and decorate anew!).

~ I am OBSESSED with these Bodum Nissen ball salt and pepper shakers that I discovered while browsing Etsy. This particular seller, Made in Scandinavia.Net has several of them listed.... so tempting!

~ I have already found myself a thrifted set of 4 pink drinking glasses, but I'm loving the coloured glass thing right now so I am possibly looking for more. I just loved this beautiful photograph from this Etsy listing.

~ Minna has one of my favourite instagram accounts to follow and their online shop is chock full of beautiful goodies. I love the sunny tone of their Panalito runner in gold!

Ok, that concludes this morning's day dream (at least, I'm going to try to focus on something other than those Bodum Nissen balls). What decor items are you daydreaming of lately?


*ps. none of this is paid or sponsored, just sharing some groovy finds!