November 12, 2018

Sweaters with Stories: Officially Launched!

The House of Ell shop is officially UP and running with the first mini-collection of "Sweaters with Stories" now launched!

Each of these sweaters was made with so much love and care, and I really hope that they can find some good loving homes, bringing warmth and comfort to people as the weather gets cooler (at least in the northern hemisphere!).

You can check out the collection on the House of Ell Shop here!

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Thank you to everyone who has sent me kind words so far, I'm excited for this adventure to evolve!


November 9, 2018

Sweaters with Stories: Coming this weekend!

I am SO EXCITED to share with you all the work I've been doing the last few months. I veered into new(ish) territory and began making upcycled sweaters. At first I was just trying to make the perfect one for myself, but then I cut up three sweaters and realized I had extra "sweater parts", and so I started to make more.

When I started thinking about how this new mode of art-making fit in with my practice and my beliefs, I started to think about (you might have guessed...) relationality! How does my interest in relational theories and relational aesthetics tie in with these new sweaters I am making? Here's a quote from my online shop to begin explaining:

"Sweaters with Stories are meant to bring relationality back to clothing - the relationship between the clothing, who made it, and who wears it. Each sweater has a history, being upcycled from multiple thrifted pieces. Also, each sweater was made by me, Katia, on a certain day, during a certain season. Each sweater comes with a brief story to tell you about who I was in that moment and what was happening in my life."

SIGN UP to the mailing list so that you can be the first to shop the collection, releasing this weekend.

I think the world of fast fashion is in part so toxic because it removes the consumer so deeply from the production, from the physical actual hands of a human being who put your garment together. I think our relationship to our clothing is toxic, because we don't value clothing in the way we should. We value it as a trend, as a passing fleeting moment that elevates our status in some way. We do not value clothing as treasures that should last us and bring us comfort and make us feel at home. Here is one small move to change that.

If you've been around these parts you know I think a lot about relational theories, and sustainable living. I realized that these sweaters fit into those two categories, AS WELL as being a creative practice. It has been really fulfilling to hit this note in my creating, and I hope that you are just as excited as I am! By buying one of my Sweaters with Stories, you are giving these pieces of clothing new stories, you are engaging with some relational fashion, and you are buying from not only a handmade maker but also a recycled/reused product.

Interested in seeing the whole mini-collection first? You can find the mailing list subscription page HERE !

November 4, 2018

Window Shopping ~ Pea Green

I've been really enjoying monochromatic outfits lately - AND this pea green tone. I desperately want to find some thrifted pants (in my size) in this really subtle and calming colour. So, here's a bit of online window shopping daydreaming and some sweet Etsy finds. Look how cozy that jacket is! Here in Toronto we completely skipped jean-jacket season and moved directly to cozy winter jackets (no parkas quite yet though). This jacket looks like it'd be the exact amount of cozy I need in the grey terrible weather we've been having. Trying to stay positive in gloomy grey weather is so tough! Fun colours for outfits help a little.

xo Katia